Hi, my name is Randy Lee and I’m a Professional Tree Surgeon with 40 years of experience. I’m available to teach many of the skills featured in this website. Services offered are :

  • Tree Surgeon for hire at a day rate
  • Residential or Commercial tree work for home or business
  • Bucket truck operator
  • Class A commercial license
  • Large and difficult removals
  • Crane assisted climbing
  • Consulting

The Five Most Useful Knots

My profession (and life) depends on having an in-depth understanding of ropes, understanding knots, and tying them properly! These are 5 of the most useful knots (and probably the only knots) most people need to know how to tie and their uses.

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Over the years as a Professional Tree Surgeon and owner of Ropes Rigging & Trees, I’ve come across numerous jobs others companies do not want. This elm tree at the Glen Ridge Country Club was shallow rooted, heavily weighted on one side, leaning in the wrong direction, and in the later stages of decay.

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