Aruba  2001
Windsurfing is an amazing sport .  You can ride for hours at a time just using the power of the wind.  The adrenalin rush is as good as anything I’ve experienced.  Combine that with crystal clear water and a beautiful tropical environment, it doesn’t get any better that.

A beautiful day at Hunter Mtn. Big slush bumps late April 2011
The snowskate is  great for teaching   balance.   there are no bindings so the only thing keeping you on the board is balance. Don’t be afraid to be a beginner again and move slowly, be patient.  The balance you’re learning will pay huge  dividends when you go back to your snowboard.
Brookdale Park,  Montclair NJ 2009
Freeline skates take the  ripstick  to the next level.  By eliminating the bar in the middle you allow a much larger range of motion. Although  freeline skates are more difficult to ride, the increased  control makes it worth the effort. Some people have commented that I looked as though I was close to disaster in this video. Actually,  I was in control and never felt threatened.

Advanced Freeline Skates

Mountain Creek 2011
Keep the board flat and straight for maximum speed. Keep the back knee bent to put more weight on the back of the board when you enter the water. This keeps the front of the board above the water. Try to tune the crowd out and enjoy the ride.

A beautiful day at Hunter Mtn. Big slush bumps late April 2011

Took an RV trip to the outer banks of North Carolina. My brother in law Marcus and I took Kiteboarding lessons. I finally got up and rode on the third day. This ride took me a few miles into the bay. The instructor and Marcus gave chase on a wave runner

Riding a flow rider for 30 minutes is the equivalent to a full day of skiing or snowboarding . If you calculate how much time is actually spent riding or skiing on a typical day you’d probably find that it is less than 30 minutes. Most of the time is spent on line or on the lift. This flow rider is on Royal Caribbean’s, Oasis of the Seas. I highly recommend it.