Fun Stuff

The Dream

My latest song, released on YouTube.

Save the Last Dance

A fun memory from the Evergreen Senior Center

Crazy Man

This is what happens when a tree surgeon is lucky enough to be friends with 3 world class musicians.  These guys have collectively played with Bruce Springsteen, Les Paul, Witney Houston, Carol King, Cyndi Lauper and B.B. King to name a few.

Freeline WingSkating

Being a professional Tree Surgeon is one of the most dangerous thing you can do for a living. Doing it as a freelancer makes it much more dangerous for a lot of different reasons. To stay in shape I’m always looking to learn new skills that challenge me mentally and physically. Learning to fly the wing while riding the Free-Line Skates is quite the challenge. Learning survival skills is always the most important part of any dangerous challenge. This video ends with a lesson on what to do when things don’t exactly go according to plan.


The Yamaha V Max was the most powerful factory motorcycle ever sold to the public when It was introduced in 1985. It changed everything I thought I knew about how to ride. My friend Johnnie said the caption should say “from Vmax to Flowmax in 10 years”



Flying Supine

1986 Mt Equinox Vermont. Elevation 3,800 ft.

I had an altitude gain of 600 ft over the top and the flight duration was about 45 minutes. Three pictures were put together to make one. The first picture I’m standing on launch, the second picture I’m running down the ramp and the third picture shows me soaring 600 ft. over the top. I flew a supine harness (sitting or reclined) and the glider was modified to accommodate that style. The vast majority of hang-glider pilots consider supine hang-gliding to be radical and dangerous. I took my lumps for that but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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The Dream

When I met my wife she told me that she had always dreamt of flying like a bird. I told her I could make that happen. Three years later I arranged a tandem flight with a certified pilot. I helped them launch and watched as her dream came true.




Information on the internet told me that it takes about 40 hours to learn how to ride a Unicycle. Naturally I thought I could do it in half that time. Actually it took me about 60 hours to get to the level you see in this video. I guess i neglected to calculate the “senior citizen” factor. No worries though. I loved the challenge. Sometimes the journey is more valuable than actually achieving the goal. My new goal is to start riding without holding onto something. That might take another 60 hours to accomplish.



Aruba 2001

Windsurfing is an amazing sport . You can ride for hours at a time just using the power of the wind. The adrenaline rush is as good as anything I’ve experienced. Combine that with crystal clear water and a beautiful tropical environment, it doesn’t get any better that.



Big Slush Bumps, Hunter Mtn

Bumps or Moguls are formed by skiers turning around them. As the weather gets warmer in the spring the bumps form more easily and tend to grow larger. The larger moguls and slushy snow add to the challenge. The warm weather is like icing on the cake. These conditions are as good as it gets for mogul skiers!



Hanging Upside-Down

I Love to hang upside down. It a great way to Decompress the spine and get the blood flowing. Sometimes on Crane days I get to hang upside down at work. Love this job!



Jingle Bell Rock with Steampunk Santa

My friend Marty hired my wife ( to create this Steampunk Santa costume for him and we had some fun making this video!! Marty is available for hire at (973) 519-6416 or at




I was lucky enough to get some harmonica lessons with internationally acclaimed Rob Paparozzi. Rob taught me this song called Shanty by Jonathan Edwards. Hope you like it!




The snowskate is great for teaching balance. There are no bindings so the only thing keeping you on the board is balance. Don’t be afraid to be a beginner again and move slowly, be patient. The balance you’re learning will pay huge dividends when you go back to your snowboard.



Brookdale Park, Montclaire NJ

Freeline skates take the ripstick to the next level. By eliminating the bar in the middle you allow a much larger range of motion. Although freeline skates are more difficult to ride, the increased control makes it worth the effort. Some people have commented that I looked as though I was close to disaster in this video. Actually, I was in control and never felt threatened.



Advanced Freeline Skates

I’m riding a little faster these days. After countless miles riding the skates, I’m finally learning to have better control over acceleration and deceleration. Fine Tuning these skills are the key to increasing speed with control.



Mountain Creek, 2011

Keep the board flat and straight for maximum speed. Keep the back knee bent to put more weight on the back of the board when you enter the water. This keeps the front of the board above the water. Try to tune the crowd out and enjoy the ride.



Mountain Creek Pond Skim, 2017

This was the longest pond skim to date at Mountain Creek. I think it was about 93 feet. My nephew Mike and I went to a party store to try and find a costume and found this blow up monkey and Mike said “just strap that to your ass, you’ll be the old man with a monkey on his back”!



Kiteboarding – Outer Banks, NC

Took an RV trip to the outer banks of North Carolina. My brother in law Marcus and I took Kiteboarding lessons. I finally got up and rode on the third day. This ride took me a few miles into the bay. The instructor and Marcus gave chase on a wave runner.



Save The Last Dance For Me

My great childhood friend, the late Kevin Kohler, introduced me to his friend Mark Sganga. Mark and I became best buds and he agreed to record this song with me. Mark Sganga is an International Fingerstyle Guitar Champion – check him out at His SO, Alexandria of did an awesome job filming and editing. Hope you like it.


Flowrider Alure

Riding a FlowRider for 30 minutes can be equivalent to a full day of skiing or snowboarding. If you calculate how much time is actually spent riding or skiing on a typical day you’d probably find that it is less than 30 minutes for most people – the remainder of the time being spent on line or on the lift. This FlowRider is on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. I highly recommend it!