Front page feature of Clifton Journal

Letter that was printed in the Clifton Journal

To whom it may concern,

If you see something say something. You hear that a lot these days. Well, I see a very dangerous situation and I feel a need to say something. Close to my house are 3 very dangerous trees. The first tree has roots that were cut a few years ago to put in a new sidewalk and driveway. By removing the roots you deprive the tree of its ability to get nourishment. Removing roots also lessens it ability to stay stable , especially in wind. Less of the canopy will bloom and more deadwood will become visible as the tree decays. Last year the canopy was about 50% dead and the tree was past the point of no return. This year will likely be worse.
The second tree is a huge oak near the very busy intersection of Rowland Ave. and Shafto St. in Clifton. Last year the canopy never got past 30% bloom. There are large dead limbs that are in the late stages of decay and ready to fall. The massive 5 ft diameter stump has been lifting up the driveway for years causing damage to the roots as well as the driveway. As if that wasn’t enough this massive dying oak hangs directly over primary power lines.
The third and most dangerous tree is located just a few houses away from the second tree. It hangs directly over the busy intersection of Rowland Ave. and Shafto St. This double leader oak has grown so large on one side that it can no longer support its own weight. You can clearly see that the 2 stalks at the base of the tree are starting to separate. The point where the 2 stalks separate is called the fall line crack and I’ve been watching it for
years. This year I noticed the crack start to open and I knew I had to write this letter. As the crack starts to open it puts more weight out on the tips. More weight at the tips means more stress at the base. Add another years growth and you’ve got an accident waiting to happen directly over a very busy intersection.
When trees fall and cause serious injury or death often times its dismissed as an unforeseen act of god. More often than not the warning signs were ignored. I see a clear and present danger and I hope that this letter will alert the people that can remedy the situation. Unfortunately, 2 of the 3 trees must be removed. The third tree could be saved by simply lightening the canopy to take weight off the base.
My name is Randy Lee and I live on Rowland Ave. in Clifton. Im a Tree Surgeon with over 40 years experience. These 3 trees are among the most dangerous Ive ever seen.