Tree Work



Helmets, I don’t wear a helmet 95% of the time. I feel safer without it for the following reason. Fatigue is a common factor in many accidents,because it impairs judgement. Overheating will cause fatigue. The body vents most of its heat through the feet,hands and head. Boots are not optional but gloves,shirt and helmet are. The real feel temperature on this day was 95 degrees but the risk of dead wood falling from above was still greater than the risk of overheating. This monster, nasty dead Beech tree required extra precautions and wearing a helmet was one of them.

Oldest Tree in Little Falls

This is the tree from the “Measure Twice Cut Once” video I was sorry to see it go.



This huge willow tree was in the later stages of decay. There were no structures underneath it so i was able to drop it in large sections without ropes. Less than five cuts brought it down in less than an hour.

We took down this large oak next to the house. Some of the cuts were very difficult and it rained most of the day but the most stress I felt that day was watching Tim Stanton set up his crane. Tim always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Very few crane operators would take a job like this one.

Tims cell # 201-933-3663

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